Friday, June 11, 2010

My husband & son are my world

I have been looking forward to writing and not getting critiqued all week. Homework has gotten the best of me and I now realize why not everyone has a college degree. It's not easy. I love my classes. They have been great so far, it's just a lot of work. I'm starting to get frustrated in math, as some things aren't making sense. Since I'm such a critical thinker, I constantly ask the question, "why?". Of course Paul tells me, "Just because, that's why. It's math, just learn it and move on." I'm having a hard time accepting that.

I don't know what I would do without him and Joey in my life. They have been my support and strength for the past couple of days. I love them more than I can ever express to them.

Enough about that. This week has gone by super fast and I don't even know where to begin. Saturday night was a blast with our new friends and I think I really do love the sport of arena football! It was so exciting throughout the whole game and the best part was the team we were rooting for (which would be the Rattlers), WON! I can't wait to go to another game. On Wednesday Joey and I went to the movies to see "Killers". It was so cute, not to mention had two of my favorite handsome male actors in it. Ashton Kutcher and Tom Selleck. I'm sure Joey would have rather seen Shrek, but Killers was better than Letters to Juliet right?

I'm no longer blonde. Well, sort of. For the last year and a half my hairdresser has been doing my hair blonde, per my request. This last time I had it done, (in April) I loved it, but have developed a feeling for change. When she first started doing my hair in December 2008, it was pretty dark with just some blonde highlights throughout the top. I loved how it was then and after looking at some old photos decided to go back to that...She came over and did it yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it!

My fingers hurt. From typing and it's time to jump in the pool......

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking a break.

When I enrolled in my college classes I really didn't know what to expect. I knew there would be a lot of assignments and I'd be taking tests somehow over the internet but really had no idea what I was signing up for. All three of my classes started today, even though I've already been working on homework since last Friday. I'm taking ENG101, PSY101 and MAT092 all through the community college. English and Psychology will be over in the first week of July while Math is lasting until July 20. The workload over the next 5 weeks is insane but nothing I can't accomplish.

I am a very organized and detail oriented person. Paying close attention to making sure everything is "Perfect" aka, a perfectionist or Type A personality. I never really thought of myself this way until going through the hiring process to become a 911 dispatcher back in 2006. After the testing process, polygraph and session with the psychologist I learned a lot about myself.  Personality type being the main thing. I never viewed myself this way until it was pointed out to me, even then I disagreed.  It wasn't until he had pointed out that I had 4.0gpa in highschool that made me realize, he was right.

So far, I've spent the last few days working on all three subjects, getting comfortable with the syllabus and making sure I read the fine print about what each instructor wants. I've turned in a couple of assignments and am on the ball. I'm enjoying it! A lot of work, but it will all pay off in the end.  I feel very confident that I will do well in these courses and am excited for what comes next. I'm already looking into the 2nd summer session to see what other courses I can knock out before the fall. It will be challenging and rewarding all at the same time.

This past weekend was amazing. I not only spent time working on assignments but had a lot of good quality time with Paul & Joey. They are truly the loves of my life and I couldn't ask for anything more. Joey is changing every day and growing up more and more. He's really coming out of his shell and what gets me the most are those moments when he looks at me and says, "Mom, I love you." There is nothing better than a hug and a kiss every night after I read to him. Paul and him were so good to me this weekend, giving me the break I needed. They did the dishes, helped cook dinner and even helped me out with some of the algebra I needed help with.

Next weekend should be a great one too... Joey's teacher (whom I can now be friends with since tomorrow is the last day of school) text'd me yesterday and asked if Paul and I would like to join her and her friend Mike for an arena football game this weekend. Of course! I've never been to one of those, but sounds like fun. Her sister will come over again to "joey-sit" Joe and he's pretty excited. (he really likes her). The summer is already looking like it's going to be a good one. We have a few different things planned and it's all something to look forward to.

Back to work... I have a Chapter test to take for Algebra...