Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Was feeling a little crafty

Friends and family that know me well, know that I don't do a lot of crafts. I wish I did, but I don't. I don't have that creative eye or mind for making gifts, doing projects or making art to hang around my house.

While browsing Pinterest one day, I came across a pin that I thought would be fun to make for an upcoming graduation party we planned on attending. THAT is my kind of crafting. Seeing someone else's project and adding my own touch to it, making it my own. I guess you could say they inspire me!! 

Here is what I managed to put together, using the basic idea of a "Liquor Bouquet". 

After searching my whole house for my hot glue gun, I ran out to Target to purchase this one for $3.99. It worked perfectly! 

The bouquet can be easily customized, with mini wine bottles, more alcohol or even some little tasty treats too! Candy, cookies... 

I chose to only do a few different liquors, as we had gotten the graduate another gift as well. It seemed to be the perfect amount! 

I had a great helper who was supervising me from the couch. I was quite impressed that he didn't want to play with the hot glue gun! 

Once I got all of the liquor attached to the wooden dowels, I just placed them into the foam and arranged them like I would flowers. 

I used paper strips to cover the foam, it worked perfectly! I pressed them down in to the foam so they wouldn't just flop out.

I was quite pleased with how it turned out! The graduate and his parents both loved it as well! I could have easily added some little graduation caps or diploma scrolls, but I honestly ran out of time. (Yes, I was procrastinating)

Let me know what you think! 

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