Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mercy Gilbert Tour

Last night Paul and I went for our tour of the Family Birthing Center at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center. I had been looking forward to this day for months. Every time we go to my prenatal appointments, which is just a block away, we see the hospital and it's so beautiful from the outside, I always wondered what it would be like on the inside.  It was so beautiful and didn't even feel like a hospital. It felt more like we were walking into a mall or beautiful hotel.

It was so fun to gather in the lobby on the 3rd floor where the family birthing center is located, seeing all of the different shapes and sizes of pregnant bellies. Some mom's weren't due until June and July, and then myself and one other due next month in May. Everyone there had their significant other with them and due to the RSV season, no children under 12 years old were allowed to come on the tour. In my opinion, they don't need to be there anyways.

We first talked about what we'd do when I do in fact go in to labor. Of course Paul will take me through the ER where they will assist me if needed to the 3rd floor and settle me into triage. In triage they will check me and monitor me to see if I am in fact in labor and if so, we'll get transferred to the Labor & Delivery room. The room was huge and very welcoming. It comes equipped with a 32" flat screen TV (not sure I'd be using that while in labor) and a nice pull out bed for Paul if he needs it. I will have my own private shower/restroom and in case I feel like getting on the internet, there is wifi! -I thought this was entertaining as the tour guide made a big deal out having wifi and that it's ok to bring your iphone, ipod, i-whatever.

We will stay in this room for the length of my labor and then little Honda will be delivered in that room too. Once he is delivered, I am able to postpone the Apgar testing for 30 minutes so that we can bond with him and get him nursing right away. I am very happy that they are open to this, as some hospitals whisk the baby away in those first moments that are so important. After being in the L&D room for two hours after delivery we will be moved to our postpartum room where we will stay for the remainder of our hospital visit. The coolest thing about the postpartum room is that it's all wired for Skype! There is a little camera mounted up in the corner of the room (it is adjustable) and it's connected with the large flat screen. We will be able to log in to our Skype account and talk with our parents, family and friends back in California. It will be like they are coming to visit us in the room.

I can't believe this is all just around the corner. I am in my 34th week of pregnancy and am starting to get really excited to meet this little guy. I have been bonding with him a lot, singing to him, reading to him, and talking to him all of the time. Now we just wait and see when he wants to make his grand entrance!


Stacie Kvanvig said...

I saw this posted on Robert Minson's Facebook and just love it. I will also be delivering at Gilbert Mercy soon. I hear stories of wonderful experiences there.

The only thing that causes me pause was "In my opinion, they don’t need to be there anyways." I couldn't agree more when there is threat of RSV or other illnesses. I also support that not all children are well behaved and their lack of courtesy could ruin the experience for other touring parents.

However this is our third baby and our 2 older daughters, both under 12, are making this such a special time. They are so excited. Not having them on the tour with us will be sad. They are 11 and 7, very well behaved and respectful and will be on our tour, RSV rules permitting. It won't be the same without them.

Enjoy your new baby and new life.

Rene said...

Thank you for your comment!

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