Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Decaffeinated weekend

Today is day five without caffeine and I feel amazing. No headache, no anxiety and none of the other withdrawal symptoms. It's an empowering feeling really, because it is an addiction and I've broken myself of that addiction in less than two weeks. I am in control of my body and it's awesome. And now, while I write this blog, I'm eating vanilla yogurt (80 calories) with 3/4 Cup of fresh blueberries. It's almost as good as eating a bowl of Mint Moose Tracks ice cream. (notice I said almost.)

Our weekend was great. The weather was hot but that didn't stop us from spending time outdoors. On Friday afternoon, we went on a family date to see "Toy Story 3" and out to dinner at Olive Garden. Dinner was delicious and the movie was your typical Disney/Pixar movie. I thought it was good... I cried way too much though. Why do I cry so much when watching movies? Who knows... I've been that way since I was a toddler and it seems to have only gotten worse with my age.

Saturday morning we had to trim a few of our trees. It's nearing the time for monsoons and some of them had some branches that really needed trimming. After a few hours of sweating outside, a run to the dump and a trip to Home Depot, we were able to relax by the pool and hang out. Our friends Jason and Erin came by and we ordered pizza and hung out for the evening.

Sunday, we went to Big Surf water park in Tempe and had a great time. Water slides and 112 degree weather are a perfect match. Unhealthy adults in itty bitty bikinis, not so much a perfect match. We enjoyed people watching, had a corn dog for lunch and stayed almost until closing. That evening, I was reassured once again, how much my boys love me. I have the most thoughtful, caring, intelligent son a mom could ask for and my husband is amazingly caring, adorable and thoughtful.

I really am happy with where my life is and what's to come next. I'm excited for our new journeys and the curveballs life will throw at us. I'm thoroughly in love with my husband with life in general.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's official.

With all of my hopeful thinking about NOT getting a headache from lack of caffeine... the headache has finally arrived, unwanted. Since today was day seven of my "get rid of caffeine" challenge I changed my measurements to 1/4 caff to 3/4 decaf. I'm paying for it now. I'm going to stay strong though and just power through the headache... I have to.

I've been working on math most of the day. I am just a few assignments away from being done with this class. My final will be next Thursday and I think I'm going to do pretty well on it. Luckily, the instructor is allowing us to have a 3x5 card with whatever formulas we want to have on it. That is going to help me tremendously, because I have definitely learned a lot of material in the past 6 weeks.

It really amazes me what the little things can mean in our lives, whether it's your child looking up at you and saying "I love you, Mom" or your husband tracing your face as he kisses you before work. I am truly blessed and happier now than I have ever been. My family is amazing and I am so happy that I found the love I did. I'm a lucky girl :)

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Almost forgot!!

So.... that casting call I went to back in May for Arizona Foothills Magazine.... the voting has started and as of right now, in Round 1, I am sitting in 3rd place! Pretty cool!!


I have had so many amazing friends and family members voting for me :) It really shows me who supports me during this contest! Even though the rounds last a loooooong time, it's the ones that are still voting (after 2 weeks) that put a smile on my face! Thank you!!!

Time flies

I was a little amazed when I saw how long it has been since I've written. I didn't realize just how busy we've been over the last month! We took a trip to California, had company for a week and I managed to finish two of my classes with good grades! I honestly don't even know where to begin on catching up... so maybe I'll just skip to the now and keep the last month to myself.

   I am currently 2 days away from being done with week 7 of P90X. It is such an empowering feeling and I I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life! I have more energy, I'm less stressed and best of all, I am at my goal weight. It's amazing what you can do when you just dedicate time to something, become determined and set goals. The next part of my diet is cutting out caffeine. So far, so good on that one. Starting five days ago, I have been making my coffee 1/2 caff. The first couple of days were a little strange. I never got a headache, but I had the shakes really bad and was extremely fatigued. Today, I am feeling fabulous. Two more days and I'll switch to 3/4 decaf 1/4 caff and hopefully by August 1 I will be completely off of caffeine! The sad thing is I have to give up RedBull and Monster (which is ok, because they aren't good for you anyways!)

   Joey starts school two weeks from today. He's going to be in 6th grade and that is really hard for me to believe. It seems like yesterday he was 3, playing around the house with his Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys. Amazing how fast time flies....

   This post wasn't all that great, but hopefully there are better ones to come! I need to make myself write more, since I suck so badly at it (just as my English teacher). I want to practice writing "correctly" and not just babbling whatever comes to mind. Hopefully my English class starting in August can help me achieve that!

   Until the next post... I'm going to go enjoy the heat. Supposed to be 108 today!