Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Babies Want

It looks like Wednesdays are becoming my new day to write. I've thought about writing on multiple occasions but I get busy and just don't sit down to do it. So, of course, when days pass I lose the train of thought, or whatever it is that happened doesn't seem so exciting to write about anymore.

This past weekend was a pretty amazing weekend spent alone with my hubby. Joey was missing from the picture, but as long as I keep reminding myself that he's having fun, I can get through it. Speaking of him missing from the picture, he also got out of cleaning up a large mess his friends left in the yard for us. Toilet Paper. Lots of it, and not the cheap stuff either!

Today, I am 30 weeks 3 days pregnant and I'm still feeling amazing. You hear and read all of these horror stories of pregnancy in the third trimester but maybe it's my healthy attitude and the fact that I'm still exercising that's not bringing me down to feel as so many women feel. But, on that note, I do still have two months to get through, and those months aren't going to be cool by any means. I'm sure come May 15 I'll have a different story to write about. We had another appointment on Monday and this appointment involved another ultrasound. We were pretty excited to see him again, but he definitely didn't want us to see his face. He had his arm covering his face the whole time as if saying, "hey, stop intruding." The ultrasound tech said that if he's born with a hickey on his arm, she wouldn't be surprised, as he was sucking away. Even though he didn't want to show us his face, he was definitely not shy about letting us know he is in fact, a boy.

Last night during our hypnobirthing class we watched a movie. It was a bit lengthy but overall, had a great theory and meaning behind it. It basically was a reminder that babies are alive from day one, inside the womb. They do feel pain and they do have feelings. They get scared and those first moments of life outside the womb can be so meaningful and have lifelong affects. We may not actually remember the moment we are born, but have you ever thought that maybe those first few days have a lot of influence of who you are today?

If you are interested, you can read more about the movie here:

What Babies Want

After watching this film, it left me thinking about what a huge responsibility having children is and it breaks my heart that so many bring children into this world and they don't take care of themselves or take into consideration their actions influencing the child tremendously. I know that not everyone has the same beliefs as me, but this isn't really a "belief". It's reality and it's LIFE!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I tend to be on the cooler side which means I don't turn my AC on until the inside temperature of our house reaches close to 90. I like warm days, it means less clothes and the sun is shining. Kind of reminds me of Hawaii. This year will be different. Extremely different.

The temps have been in the 80's and I love it. Spring is probably my favorite time of year here in Arizona. Yesterday the temperature inside the house was 77 and it was just starting to get on the warm side. I'm not sure when I'll turn on the AC, but I was really hoping for two months of a really low electric bill from lack of heating/cooling. We'll see how long this lasts...

We had our 2nd hypnobirthing class last night and it went really well. I was having more trouble relaxing during some of the hypnosis exercises. I would be fine, but then my mind would drift and I'd listen to Paul's voice, but it'd make me giggle. All we have to do is practice.

Today is the fourth day that Joey has been gone. It's quiet around the house without him here and I miss him so much. I know that he's having fun with his dad, and getting his fill of video games (since he doesn't play them here). He'll be home in a week and a half and everything can return to normal. His eating habits, extra curricular habits and even his daily hugs he gives me. It really makes me sad to see all of his friends at the end of the street playing basketball, because I know he enjoys hanging out with them.

I am still feeling great. 29 weeks pregnant and I am still working out and eating healthy. It feels so good to not have any of the problems/complications that others I know have. I feel blessed and am so excited for the coming months! I really can't wait to hold this little guy and watch him sleep.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our first Hypnobirthing class

Last night we started our Hypnobirthing class. It will last 5 weeks and each class is about 2 1/2 hours long. Luckily for us, the class is being held at our house, so we don't even need to go anywhere! There are four couples total, including us and the new people we met last night seem very nice. Two of us are pregnant with boys and the other two with girls. We are all due between May and July and it's funny to see the different shapes and sizes of all of our bellies!

I'm really excited to learn different relaxation techniques and apply them not only during child-birth but in my day-to-day living. So many people stress about unnecessary topics, things that are out of their control or even things that are in their control. They create the stress they are feeling. Our mind is so powerful and really you can overcome anything if you just relax.

It was interesting to feel baby boy move a lot last night when I had gotten into such a relaxed state. It was almost as if he could sense that relaxation and he more room to move around in the womb. The class is definitely going to bring a stronger bond within myself and Paul as well as with our unborn child who will be here before we know it.

I am such a strong believer of natural childbirth, without the unnecessary interventions and drugs that so many women resort to. It baffles me that some women are so unprepared for such an important day in their lives. I know that everyone is different, but why, after 9 months of eating healthy and not taking medications, does all of that go out the window on birth day? The pain is there, yes, but you can overcome that if you are strong enough to.

One aspect of this class will be learning how to release negative emotions. Unfortunately, for me, this will mean, releasing some people from our lives. I  know people who are constantly negative and bringing stress upon themselves and I just can't have those thoughts and worries with them. I'm going to continue surrounding myself and our family with positivity and release all of the fears.

This post has been kind of all over the place, and I thought about saving it and coming back to it later for editing. I have so many thoughts that I want to get out, but I think if I type them all, this post will break some sort of world record for it's length, so I'm going to leave it as a random babble. Because, well, that is my blog right? My inner babble...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I officially feel, pregnant.

I am now in my 28th week of pregnancy and I am definitely feeling it. The restless nights, ever expanding belly, leg cramps, acid reflux, among other things are keeping me feeling both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, even with all of the aches and pains. I may take longer to get up from the couch or sigh a little while trying to roll over in bed, but feeling those kicks and jabs from the little guy makes me forget all about the pain and reminds me of just how blessed I am to be carrying life inside of me.

For the last week, my in-laws have been visiting and even though we didn't do much, I am exhausted. I took today to collect myself, pick up the house, get the guest room cleaned up and ready for the next guests. I'm feeling as though I did in the first weeks of pregnancy though, tired, tired, tired.

While Paul's parents were here, we reassembled the cradle that my dad had built for Joey 12 years ago. Joey slept in it for the first couple of months, and it's been packed away ever since. This weekend we got it out, waxed it and put it in our room, ready for baby.

Along with getting the cradle set up and ready, my mother-in-law also helped me to get the crib set up. She purchased the crib for us a few weeks ago and then when she got here, we went shopping for the bedding that Paul had picked out. It's adorable and I have been spending some time in the nursery, imagining our sweet baby boy in his crib.

There are still a few things that need to be done to the room before it's complete, but his bed is ready for him.

We also got Joey's room all done up and nice while they were here. He now has the biggest of the three spare rooms and he seems to be loving it so far. We hung new pictures on his walls and he has been keeping his room a lot cleaner. Now if I can't just figure out what to do with the cats...