Thursday, January 24, 2013

A new year, Rocco and less chocolate.


It has been so long since the last time I wrote in my blog that I forgot my login information.

Instead of writing a recap on the last nine months, I'm going to keep most of it in my handy dandy brain that I've got. So much has gone on that I couldn't even begin to write about it.

Travis is almost twenty months old. That means terrible twos are just around the corner. Joey is thirteen and starting high school later this year. Scary. What's even more scary is that I was a freshman in high school when I met his father...

2012 was sort of like a soul searching year for me. I started meditating more, practicing yoga, running, working out in a manner I'd never done in my life, and I connected with my friends and family more than I had in previous years. I made diet and lifestyle changes that have helped me tremendously and I've now had to give up on my favorite relaxing activity, the sun.

I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma in October and had a pretty large area of subcutaneos tissue removed from my lower back. Needless to say, it scared me. It isn't something I got from the sun, but the sun could make it appear elsewhere, quicker. It's genetic and I "got it from my momma" (along with  many other beautiful assets I got from her). She too, has been diagnosed...

They did get all of the cancer, however, I have to be seen every six months by my dermatologist for pretty much the rest of my life.

I've made some amazing friends this past year and I think that too plays a part in me not typing away at my computer. My classes kept me busy over the last two semesters and I didn't really have free time to just, write.

Our latest news is our newly rescued Maltese, Rocco. He is nine months old and so far, deeming to be an excellent source of therapy. While Travis has gotten jealous of his new little brother, I think that over time they will become best friends. Joey is still "bonding" with him and I'm waiting for that special moment when they cuddle on the couch together.

It's gloomy today. I feel that it is quite appropriate as I sort of have a dark gloomy cloud lurking over me this week. My ex-husband, who is now one of my close friends, left for his fifth tour in Afghanistan on Monday. My heart goes out to his wife, their four year old son and our own son, Joey. I'm not sure why this tour is affecting me like it is, but I'm hoping the time goes quickly and he and his group are home safely at the end of this year.

I work out. A lot. Some weeks more than others, but lately I'm participating in some sort of "challenge" through the bootcamp I attend. I know I won't win, but it's still fun to challenge myself to the diet changes and the workouts. I'm succeeding with the workouts, failing on the diet. I'm not going to lie, I divulged more than once into the leftover Christmas Hershey Kisses...

Hoping now that life has slowed down I can write more. Wait, didn't I say that last time?

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