Monday, April 22, 2013

ABC Juice

The last few days were somewhat of a blurrrr...

I had plans to run the 4.2 Annual Pat's Run on Saturday morning with my husband but those plans changed after I spent most of the day Friday in the Emergency Room. {insert mad gruntle}

I don't like doctors, I don't like going TO the doctor and I always try to diagnose myself instead of relying on medicine. I exercise, I eat pretty healthy and usually don't get sick.

I was feeling "off" on Thursday night, low-grade fever, chills, and dizziness. Went to bed hoping I'd feel better in the morning, especially since I had my six month dermatologist checkup. That went well, she made notes on a few more of moles, took measurements and will recheck them again in another six months. She did find one on my back that she removed for a biopsy and I received the happy results this morning that it was precancerous but she removed it all. Happy Dance!!! I was getting really scared that it might be my melanoma showing it's dirty devil face again.

My husband was home for the day since I wasn't feeling well and to help with Travis while I went to my appointment. After we ate lunch I laid down on the couch because I was feeling nauseus and crampy. I started having excruciating pains in the right side of my stomach and they weren't going away. After about an hour I asked him to take me to the ER.

They were concerned it may have been my appendix or my ovaries so they ordered a ct scan so they could see all of my organs with one sweep.

After a long day (6.5hours) in the ER and treatment room, an IV of fluids and a paramedic student failing to give me a proper IV they sent me home...

My appendix appears to be fine, however they saw several cysts on my ovaries and moderate inflammation of my distal ileum, (small intestine). Sigh. It could be either and they left me with instructions to follow up with a GI Specialist because the inflammation most likely shows that I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease or something like Crohn's Disease. While I am thankful it was not my appendix, I am frustrated that I now have other questions unanswered. I don't want to go to more doctors, I don't want to have tests run, BUT the pain in my stomach was horrendous and something just doesn't feel right.

I know that when I eat 100% clean, I feel great. It's when I slip up and eat processed food and or lean meat that I end up with a bloated stomach or stomach pains. So is this something I can treat on my own? Do I really need to go see more doctors? The stomach pain lasted all weekend and was mostly a dull ache. Today, I feel fine.

On a food note, I wanted to share the new juice that I tried yesterday!! I had bought beets at the store the other day with hopes of juicing them. I have never had beets that weren't in a can {yuck} so had no idea what to do with a fresh beet. I trimmed the top, peeled the skin like a carrot and ran it through my juicer, along with 1 green apple and 1 cucumber.

It was AMAZING!!!

So, now that I have had it two days in a row, I am already addicted. It's veggielike, sweet and goes down so smoothly! It might even make great popsicles! This afternoon I may try pairing it with something else, such as a grapefruit or substitute 1/2 of the cucumber for some celery. We'll call it ABC juice: Apple, Beet, Cucumber. 

ABC Juice:
1 Green Apple 
1 Beet
1 Large Cucumber 

Put all fruits and vegetables through juicer and enjoy! 

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