Monday, April 14, 2008

Here we go....

This is my first blog. Well...I take that back, that's a lie, I've had an online diary in the past, years ago before they were called "blogs". (or at least I didn't know they were called that). I sometimes leave a few words on myspace...

I will introduce myself. My name is Rene and I have a lot to talk about. Always. My dad always told me that I "talked to much". I am 28 years old and I feel like I've done a lot for my age. I have been married, divorced, moved across the country twice and have remarried again to a wonderful man. The first was just practice....

My son is 8 and he's my best friend. My husband is my companion, lover, friend, confidant and all around a GREAT guy!

I am a 911 police dispatcher and love my job. I never thought I could go to work and say "I love my job". It's a great feeling that most don't have. Most go to work because they have to and because it's just what you do. I have to work, dont get me wrong, but I wanted a career that was fulfilling, rewarding, challenging and NEVER boring. I got it. Answering to the public every day on 12 or 14hr shifts is definately all of those things. Telling cops where to go is the best part! :)

I love the sun. I love to be active. I snowboard, wakeboard, ride dirt bikes and anything else I have the opportunity to try. We enjoy these sports as a family and I hope to do so for many years! I'm not old yet!!!! I'm moody and emotional at times, but mostly happy and stable. I love to watch Cops and CSI but House and Grey's Anatomy are my favorite. I work graveyard so you could call me a night owl, I love to sleep during the day.

I am so happy to now have a place to write out my feelings and feel no judgement by anyone. If you are going to judge me, keep it yourself. I am who I am and I have no regrets. Everything I've been through, I've been through for a reason and wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't crossed those bridges. I've burned some and helped build some.

Thanks for reading! The End.

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