Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I like bleu cheese. Only in small amounts though and only on top of steak, a burger or my salad. Ok, now I'm hungry.

Both of my dad's parents died from smoking when I was younger. I hate smoking. I dislike the smell of cigarette smoke and I think it's a disgusting habit. I would be lying if I said I have never tried it though. Younger years.

Proud member of the NRA and I own more than one gun...

If I had to think of just one Kool-Aid flavor that is my favorite it'd have to be black cherry. Haven't had Kool-Aid in years.

I don't generally get nervous before doctor appointments. They don't bother me. I dislike those lovely yearly "female" appointments but it's nothing that makes me nervous.

Regarding hotdogs... Nathan's are the best. Every once in a while (mostly in the summer) I do crave a good wiener, bbq'd.

I drink Coffee. Every morning. I don't care how it comes as long as it's good coffee.

I can do pushups and I do them daily. Pull-ups however....

My favorite piece of jewelry is my rock that I wear on my left hand ring finger.

My favorite hobby is riding my dirtbike. I think that's my favorite. At least for now it is.

I have a little bit of that diagnosis called "OCD".

I am blind without my contacts/glasses.

3 thoughts I have right now :

1. Is anyone even reading this?

2. Today is my husband's 33rd birthday

3.  I am really, really, really hungry.

Unfortunately I worry about a few things. Some of those that I don't wish to discuss. I guess right now, in this minute, I'm worried about my husband. He's not having the greatest day at work and it's his birthday. I feel badly that they treat him so badly there and I hope and pray every day that one of these new jobs he's applying for works out for the better for us.

I believe that hate is a strong word and it's overly used. When I say "I hate RC", I say it with passion and I absolutely 100% mean it.

I would like to go to Hawaii and live there again. Forever.

I own two pairs of slippers. One brown pair and one leopard print pair.

I love sleeping on satin sheets. ....but would rather not "sleep" on them

I can whistle and sometimes I do it subconsciously

If I could just jump into any career right now, I would be a Criminal Psychologist

I never stop believing. (or singing the song.... it's always the song in my head)

Paul makes me laugh. Often.  He's goofy like that

I drive a GMC Yukon and she's my baby with wheels.

The worst injury I have ever gotten would have to be the concussion I got a year ago from taking a header off of my dirtbike. Yeah, as Paul says "If you don't crash, you aren't going fast enough".... apparently I was going fast enough.

I love the beach.


Stacie said...

yes, I am reading this! Even when I dont always comment.
Boo and Grr to Paul's work. I really really hope something better comes for him too.
You get to go to the beach soon! That is so exciting!
Im really hungry too, I ate lunch late and am finishing up with some salad now :D

Rene said...

Thank you Stacie :)

Anne said...

As always when I catch a moment to myself (which isn't often) I try to read your blog. I've even made it a fav on my work computer. You are a very good writer. I hope some day that I could be as good as you are at putting thoughts on paper.

Jason finally mailed Paul's bday card today (card and gift are all my doing, i.e. shopping etc) but he's going to take credit for it. You know how it is. Anyway I hope that it (the gift) is something that the 2 of you can enjoy together. =)

Oh, and ps those mom's in your next blog are just jealous. You are super beautiful and amazing. For some women (especially women who aren't comfortable in their own skin) they just turn on someone who is obviously what they want to be. It's like a weird sort of pack animal thing or something. It stinks and I'm sorry you had to go through all that!!! =p!

Rene said...

Thank you Anne :)