Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Solving inequality systems & contemplating whether or not communication is intentional

When I signed up for this fall semester of school I had every intention of taking a full load of classes. I felt that I was ready to take on a huge work-load and thought it would be ok to spend hours upon hours doing homework. I was wrong. On the first day of classes, I dropped 2 of them. The two classes that I would have had to go to campus for and the two classes I was most excited about. I didn't drop them because I'm lazy or just didn't want to take them, (because, duh, I have to take them eventually) but I dropped them because I wanted to be able to focus more on the other two classes.

I struggle with math. Introduction to Algebra over the summer was hard for me, especially since I am basically teaching myself. This semester I am taking the next step up, which is Intermediate Algebra or what I'm thinking is the equivalent to "Algebra 2" that most high school sophomores take. Yes, I was one of them 16 years ago and here I am, 30 years old taking it at the college level. Should be interesting.

While I have always felt I was a good communicator I believe that after reading the first chapter in my Human Communication book, I was wrong. I hope to take a lot from this class, once I get over my fear of speaking about topics I have no clue on. It's another online course, which will consist of discussion board posting, weekly assignments and quizzes and of course, a speech. The speech won't be due until December, but I'm already terrified. Paul tells me that's ok, since one of the biggest known fears among people is, yup, public speaking.

Once October rolls around I will be also taking a Sociology class and possibly my next English class. (barf) I need to get it out-of-the-way, I'm just not ready to have someone pick apart every letter of what I write. I love my blog, it doesn't matter what kind of punctuation I have, I just write.

Life has been really good to us this past month. We have been happier than ever in our marriage and I can really feel us growing as a family. Joey turned 11 and is starting to show mannerisms of a "Pre-teen" and he's growing like a weed. His feet are bigger than mine and I'm just patiently waiting for that next growth spurt. His teacher has been great so far, and Joe seems to like him. He had a minor mishap a few weeks ago, throwing away his homework instead of bringing it home to Paul and I, so of course, to teach him a lesson (because that's what good parents do) we grounded him. It's not like he's had a whole lot taken away, just his freedom to play video games on the weekend and go on the computer. I'm hoping he will soon learn his lesson that it's better to just tell the truth than to try to hide it. I ALWAYS FIND OUT!

I heard a new Zac Brown Band song earlier this week and one of the lines has stuck with me... It's really what we've been telling ourselves the past couple of months and it brought tears to my eyes when I heard it sung...

"Roll the dice and have some faith." -Zac Brown Band/Alan Jackson

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