Monday, April 18, 2011

34 weeks, 1 day

At 34 weeks pregnant I am feeling amazing. I don't have any swelling, my back is feeling fine and little Honda has moved out of my ribs and settled in nice and low.

I had an appointment with one of my midwives this morning and it went well. My blood pressure was normal (118/70) and my weight was, well, that I'm not going to say. Baby boy didn't want his heart rate taken, as he kept kicking the little Doppler thingee, but finally the nurse was able to catch that it was at a healthy 154. Belinda (midwife) had me lay down and she felt around to see about how big he is and she said he's just right for my physique. He's settled in nice and low, which is great news. Means he is getting ready for birth day! I've been having several Braxton Hicks daily among other "symptoms" that my body is showing, letting me know that my body is getting prepped and knows exactly what it's supposed to do.

Joey had a great football game on Saturday, they won 18-0. It was amazing to watch the boys play so well, especially since it was 95 degrees outside! Yesterday, we took the bikes to the track again (2nd weekend in a row) and it was so relaxing for me. I sat under the Easy-Up while Paul rode the big track and Joey rode the kids track. Days like that make me so happy and remind me of how blessed I am to live in such a great climate and have two wonderful boys who  love me!

Today, my sister-in-law is in labor. She was due a week ago on April 11 and finally little Ty has decided to make his way into the world. Her water broke early this morning so I am hoping that I will have a beautiful little nephew at some point today! He better not wait until tomorrow!! I'm ready to see his little face NOW!

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