Thursday, May 2, 2013


Today was challenging, to say the least.

It started like most days do lately. Husband rolls out of bed to get ready for work and toddler starts yelling, "mama! mama!" from his room.

I roll over and the clock says 5:45.

The sun is up and I can hear the dog stirring in the family room in his crate. I roll out of bed and grumble and groan. Stretch my stiff, getting old body, get dressed and head to the "awake" side of the house.

Each day starts the same. But each day doesn't always go the same. Today pretty much fell apart. I let my emotions get the best of me more than once. Does it mean it's the end of the world? No way. Will I get a good nights sleep tonight and wake up refreshed tomorrow? Absolutely.

I had a lot of self talk today, mostly negative. I didn't get to work out, it's Thursday and I can't go to bootcamp on Thursdays so of course I didn't make the time to work out at home. My mood goes downhill fast, I'm snapping at the dog, toddler and myself.  I realize what is happening but on days when the dog pees in the house (on the carpet for the first time in 4 months), toddler doesn't nap and I eat a handful of chocolate covered blueberries, I have a hard time remaining positive.

And now, as I sit here and reflect on my day, I realize how blessed I am.

I have two beautiful sons who call me Mom and a loving, patient husband who stands beside me through everything. I have a beautiful home, I am lucky enough to be a stay-at-home-mom and I am physically able to walk, run, bend, stretch, and use both of my hands. So what if my dog had an accident in the house? He's a dog. So, my toddler didn't take a nap "as scheduled", big deal, tomorrow is a new day. I ate crappy? Meh, no one can be perfect and that stomach ache I have will go away.

Challenging. That is exactly what today was and I learned so much about my emotional limits and I also learned that it's ok to have a bad day once in a while. I can't wait to wake up and be blessed with another beautiful day tomorrow.

Take the good with the bad, we all have days in which we feel defeated. Take a step back, a deep breath of fresh air and laugh at all things challenging.

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