Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wow. I suck.

So, wow...first things first. I suck. I already missed a day. I thought about writing all day....I was so busy and wished I could just think it and it would type on my blog. Yah, that didnt happen.

Yesterday was hot. Like 110 degrees hot. IMO anything after 100 feels the same. Especially when you are doing yard work in it for 4 hours. Joey helped me, so that was nice. We'd jump in the pool, do some work, and then jump in again. Got everything I want to get done, done. I felt very accomplished and didnt feel guilty while lounging in the pool all afternoon.

Had an interesting experience last night. Hope to never have it again. Movies on Friday night = BAD! From the moment we got there and had the annoying teenie boppers sitting in front of us, I knew it was going to be a LONG movie. I love Harry Potter. I do. This one just didnt do it for me. I dont know if it was the movie? The fact that I didnt read this book? The smell of the people in the movie theater (do people not shower??) Was it the kid texting through the ENTIRE movie sitting next to Joey? Seriously, I'm all about my phone and texting, but if you are going to pay $9.75 to see a movie, can you not just put your phone away for 2 1/2 hours? Is it that important? YOU ARE 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, yah, not an experience I enjoyed. I would have much rather been at home watching the storm rip plants from my yard, and toss palm fronds all over the pool. Much more exciting!

Today is Saturday. Paul is at work and Joey is watching cartoons. I have snuck away into my little corner and it feels nice. I'm missing something though. Something with a strong aroma. It's almost 11am and if I dont have it soon, I'm gonna be a mess. I wish I could kick the habit but it's not that I drink it because I'm addicted, I actually like to have my coffee every morning. It's soothing and I just plain ol like it! Besides, nutrionists say that a cup a day can actually be healthy.

I didn't post a picture yesterday. So, I better post 2 today. Man, I'm really bad at this goals thing...

Ok, so I'm trying to post pictures but for some reason that picture folder keeps freezing. Have to restart....I'll post some pictures later.

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