Friday, July 31, 2009

Last of July.

Wow. It definitely came and went. I can't believe tomorrow is already August. That means we have been here in Arizona for almost a year now! The time has gone by so fast. It feels like just last month my parents and Paul's parents were visiting. We have survived the "hottest July on record" so I think we can stay here. I love the heat. I'll take the heat over 10 degree weather any day!

I had such a wonderful time visiting with Jeanne this week. It made me realize how much I have missed her. I have always missed her, but as the years go by and we dont see eachother, you start to get "used to it" and don't appreciate your friendship like you did. I am so happy I got to see her and visit our friendship all over again with more meaning. We are both older now and have changed quite a bit over the years but seeing her and spending time together this week only made us stronger. We have decided to not wait 5 years again before we see one another. It's the same thing with April. I feel like when she came to visit in January it brought us closer together again. I think it has to do with them seeing my new life with sadness. Seeing Paul and what a great husband he is and how great our life here is. I miss them and I miss Heidi. They have all been there for me through the years and I will never have another friend like them. They were there for me when I was down, when I was at weakest and when I probably said and did things I shouldn't have. I love them for that and I hope that over the years we can stay close.

Not sure what we are going to do this weekend....not sure if Paul has to work. Although, if he does I know that I'll be ok with it. I'm getting a new understanding of how he's being treated at work and what they are putting him through. I know that it helps him get through the day when I am supportive. Joey voiced this morning that he would like to see the Monster Trucks this weekend, hmmm...we'll see. It's been a while since we've gone to see them.

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April L said...

I <3 you!!!!
I loved seeing you earlier this year and I think it did bring us closer together. I loved meeting Paul and I am soooo happy for you and Joe to have him in your life!!! I can't believe Joe's birthday is already coming up!!! Where did the time go?