Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've been away.

From the computer that is. Spending more time outside and doing things I love! I'm feeling refreshed and renewed. I'm counting down the days until I get on the airplane and fly to my most favorite place in the United States. Hawaii. I can't wait. Going to see my friend April, who knows the real me, and get to spend a whole week with her and her boys. I just want to lay on the beach, with a book, or a favorite magazine and relax. The crashing waves do something inside of me that I can not explain. I love the ocean and someday I will live near it again.

While I'm trying to stay excited about my upcoming trip, I can't help but feel sadness about a couple of things. For one, Joey leaves next week to go spend 2 weeks with his dad. I usually do ok on the 2 week break, especially since I'll be in Hawaii, but....the worst part is, his dad is coming here. To Arizona. To Pick him up. Not good. I can't stand him and even hearing his voice on the phone makes my skin crawl, how am I supposed actually see him face to face??? Ugh, I'll be strong and be doing it for my son.

The job hunt is still on....I've applied with a couple different places and I'm really in no hurry. Still just searching for something that sparks my interest but I have completely decided, 100% that I am not going back to the Pd...not right now anyways.

14 days.....


April L said...

I am so excited for the trip!!!! I can not wait to sit on the beach with you and Paul and watch the kids play. I can't wait for you, me and Paul to sit around at night and laugh and talk.
I wish you did not have to deal with Joe twice in one month, but I am glad that after the first time you get to come out here and RELAX and maybe that will help deal with him the second time around.
I am so thankful that I have you as one of my truest friends in life!!! And we have remained that way from many diferent states and miles!!!!!
10 more days until beautiful sunny Hawaii!!!!

Rene said...

Thank you April. I love you and am truly blessed to have a friend like you!!!