Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where did the last three weeks go?

I am amazed when I sit back and think about how quickly the last few weeks went. So many exciting things happened that I can't even write about them all. It almost feels like a blur. As I look through photos, I smile and know that each of those memories holds a special place in my heart. From our roadtrip to San Diego to my husband's parents visiting for a week. As soon as they left, my cousin Audrey came to visit and we spent time in the sun, hiked, rode bikes, went for evening walks and laughed about nonsense.

It is now Thursday April 8 and I'm taking a deep breath. Getting my life back in order and out of "vacation mode". On a job hunt, gearing up for summer and helping Joey through his last couple months of 5th grade.

I am excited to say that tomorrow I get to be a part of a production that has come to Phoenix. It's once again a very good feeling to know you were handpicked from a group of people to be a part of a group of people. Always ego boosting and helps with the self confidence.

I will be writing more. Just not sure what I'll be writing about....


stacie said...

so glad you are back blogging again!

Rene said...

Thank you Stacie! I'm trying :)