Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Honda

What a fantastic weekend! Our friends from Yuma were in town visiting along with their parents from Kansas City. We had a houseful on Friday night, but it was so enjoyable!! I got to spend so much time holding our friend's 3 week old baby girl Makenna. She is a doll... I can't wait until our little guy is born. Taylor, our friend's 3-year-old, said that we should name our baby "Kawasaki" (like the motorcycle) then switched it up to "Honda" because we ride Honda's. So... little guy has adopted the nickname of Honda until we decide which name best suits him.

Joey had another football game on Saturday. The weather was great, and showed me that I need to invest in a pair of maternity shorts. I was wearing blue jeans and a tank top but was a little warm in the 78 degree sun. Paul's cousin Stacie was able to come to the game too, that really made Joey happy! They ended up winning the game 18-12 so it puts their team 2-0 so far for this season. Go Hawks!

Supercross was on Saturday night and of course we went to that. We never miss it. We had pretty good seats and it's always awesome to watch the races live (since we watch all of the other ones from our couch). I was a little disappointed with the outcome of the main event but that's only because my boy Ryan Dungey didn't win. There wasn't a lot of competition and they all just kind of kept to themselves out there. Don't get me wrong, the race was still great!

We made our first "baby" purchase yesterday afternoon. We started out at BabiesRus to look at cribs and rocking chairs. We have a better idea of what we want to get as far as a crib now, and the rocking chairs they had were terrible. We went to LazyBoy to see what kind of recliner/rockers they had and BAM! We found the perfect chair. I can't wait to pick it up on Wednesday and starting rocking this little guy... I want him to be used to the rocking when he's born.

Joey doesn't have school today so it's kind of a lazy housecleaning type of day. I don't think we'll be going anywhere, except for maybe a walk to the park. We might even get a head start on packing up some of his room getting ready to move rooms around in preparation for the baby.

I've been feeling pretty good the past few days, in the evening my back and belly start to ache. It's almost as if I can feel my stomach stretching. I guess that's a good thing, means little Honda is growing!!! Today I am 21 weeks 1 day, only 18 weeks to go!

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