Monday, January 31, 2011

Virtual? Yes, please!

Another weekend came and went, faster than usual and packed with busy-ness. Movies, steak and potatoes, yummy desserts, football, supercross and my new recliner. All things that make a pregnant momma say, "ahhhh".

Saw "No Strings Attached" this weekend, starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. Boy, do I ever still have a crush on Ashton. Not sure what it is, but that guy is such a cutie! Tall and handsome and played such a sweetheart in the movie. It was awfully predictable but really, what movie isn't? Definitely not a kids movie, with the crude humor and lines that made me laugh until my belly hurt. Paul was not too thrilled to see the movie, as he says I tricked him. (he thought we were seeing "Hall Pass" but that isn't out yet, hehehe).

Paul and Joey went riding yesterday and for the first time I felt, well, really pregnant. Riding is one of my favorite hobbies and weekend activities to do and it was so hard for me to watch them drive away, without me. I could have gone, but they were going to check out a new place in the desert that we weren't sure had bathrooms. It's a good thing I didn't go because I would have been squatting next to a cactus. I really don't mind squatting in the desert but pregnant and squatting isn't something I want to experience unless I absolutely have to.

They had such a great time and came home with stories, laughs and of course a closer bond. Every day that has gone by over the past five years has brought them closer to one another and I love seeing it. Paul truly is an awesome father to Joey and Joey sees it and appreciates it. Makes my heart melt, knowing I found "the one".

Since I won't be traveling home next month for a baby shower, my mom and her sister decided to have a virtual baby shower for me.  I am so excited that they all still want to get together and have a shower, honoring little baby Gerbi even though I won't be there, in person. I'll get to experience the whole thing via Skype and my mom is going to act as me and open my presents. I can't wait!!! It really shows me how much my family loves me and makes me smile. I am truly blessed and so thankful.




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