Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First, and hopefully last

The last five days or so have been pretty busy in our house. We have been rearranging rooms and organizing. Basically a similar game to musical chairs. Our house is a four bedroom house and of course, Paul and I have one room, Joey has another, the other two have been used as a guest room and office for the last two and a half years. Since baby is coming soon, we needed to make some changes.

What used to be the guest room is now Joey's room, and what was Joey's room is now the nursery, or at least on its way to looking like a nursery. The office and guest room are now combined and after trying to fit both my desk and the queen size bed in there we finally found the places for the puzzle. I personally think it looks great! Hopefully our company will be comfortable in their new room. The only concern I have is that my computer is in that room, so does that mean I can't go on my computer while we have company?

Of course I haven't moved any of the heavier furniture myself, but I have done my share of bending, sliding, pushing, trips up and down the hall making sure I am going through Joey's room as I am moving it. Monday night, something happened that I hoped never would and didn't expect it at all. I fell.

Paul was in the nursery with me, there is still a lot of Joey's stuff in there. Basically all of his belongings were in the middle of the room, so Paul could move the furniture and I could just rearrange book shelves. I went to take a step back and there was a large plastic tote on the floor (that Joey keeps his legos in) that I tripped on. I took about three stumbled steps (on the tote) before I fell to my tailbone and hit my head on the wall. Paul tried to catch me, but it was such an awkward fall that there was just no catching me...

It scared the crap out of me. I instantly was crying, from both the pain and being scared and my belly started tightening. Luckily, I fell on my back and not on my abdomen so baby is fine, it's just momma that's hurting pretty bad. I instantly felt like I had whip-lash and my back was instantly starting to hurt.

Two days later and I'm still pretty sore. I feel like I've felt in the past after a really bad snowboarding fall or something. I'm definitely going in to see my chiropractor today because I know I am all out of alignment. Sucks, because I just went last week and was feeling so in line!!

I know baby is fine, I'm not having any cramping, spotting or problems with the little guy and he was kicking up a storm last night and this morning. I'm sure he didn't even know what happened.

Joey's room is almost done and thankfully my in-laws are coming today (to stay for a week) so they can help me with the final touches and maybe even help set up the nursery!

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Stacie said...

Cant wait to see how everything looks with it being rearranged! SO glad you are okay (minus the whiplash and tailbone) and that the baby is okay too from the fall you took. Thats scary!