Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Placenta Previa, BE GONE!

We had been patiently waiting for yesterday's doctor appointment for four weeks now. Thank goodness now that I am 24 weeks I didn't have to drink 32oz of water and hold it. I was able to go to the ultrasound appointment comfortably!

We didn't have to wait too long in the waiting room for the U/S tech. Name was called, we went in and I climbed on the table and got my belly ready. I was eager to see my little guy up on the monitor as I know Joey and Paul were too. It wasn't long before we saw him appear, relaxed with his hands behind his head (his usual position) enjoying his nice warm home. It's amazing that even though babies look like little aliens in an U/S they are still cute as can be. He was squirming around a little, but not too much. The tech was able to get all of his measurements accurately and even confirmed that, yes, he is still a boy.

The best news of all come next... "Your placenta has moved up and out-of-the-way." I instantly had chills and of course, shed a few tears of excitement. All of my worrying and wondering was gone and I received the positive outcome I prayed for. Now I could continue on with my pregnancy without limitations. I can continue doing all of the things I was doing before (yes, that too!!) and am able to start working out again. I am going to take it easy though, since it has been a month and I do notice I get winded much quicker.

Met with my midwife again and she gave me even more good news! She hired an assistant midwife, from England, to help out with all of her new moms. At this point, my midwife Joyce, is off Wed-Fri so if I was to go into labor during those days, whatever OB that's on duty would deliver for me. At least now, I can get to know Belinda (the other midwife) and no matter what day of the week I will still get to utilize a midwife!! Totally good news...

I'm all over the place, so excited and eager for the coming months. I am so thankful that my body worked out it's issues and I won't be needing surgery or having to be on pelvic rest any longer. Now I can focus on my continued health and enjoy my pregnancy!

I think I need some lunch.

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