Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cake Balls

So, thanks to Pinterest I have become quite the baker and cooker. (Is that what you call it?) I am finding all sorts of dinner recipes and a few sweets recipes too. I can't wait for summer time to settle in the desert so that I can try the delicious drink recipes I am finding. Now if only I had friends and family to entertain...

For Valentine's Day this year I wanted to try something new. Something I had a taste of at a party I went to a few weeks ago. Cake Balls. Delicious little balls of cake. I found a recipe for Red Velvet Cake Balls here  via Pinterest. It looked pretty simple so I thought, "why not?"

I bought the ingredients and proceeded to make my first batch of balls. (hehe)

I crumbled the cake (and sampled a little too) and added the cream cheese frosting...

I proceeded to roll the mixture into scrumptious little balls... and placed them in the freezer so that I could have them done before the end of the night.

Now.. the hard part was dipping them into the chocolate. Since this was my first time, I really had no idea what it was going to be like or how it was going to work. It didn't go so well, the chocolate was getting hard pretty quickly (like after two balls) and since I was doing only a few squares of bark at a time, I was running out fairly quickly as well.

I managed to get quite a few of them dipped and am hoping to find some blogs that can help me to make them better "looking" next time, because the taste was not an issue. OH-MY-GOODNESS are these delicious. I can't wait to start making more and experimenting with them. I just might have to send them to work with dh, so all of my running doesn't go to waste ;) Or who knows, maybe I can try gluten-free, dairy free or sugar-free???

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Shan Man said...

Those look really REALLY good, Rene!