Monday, May 10, 2010

Comparing colleges

I have finally narrowed it down to a field I'd like to study. This week I am meeting with someone from each of the two colleges that I am looking at and hopefully good will come from it. One definitely is already looking better from my point of view because of the degree being transferable. I am also hoping that after I learn a little more about the program it sparks my interest even more.

I don't have many questions, although I know I should have more. My biggest concerns are:


-Is the Associates Degree going to be transferable to a university so that I can go for my BS?

Pretty much all of my other questions have been answered by the voice on the other end of the telephone or by reading the handy dandy website.

I hoping that as the week progresses I get more excited and I actually can act upon it. I'm not sharing the field until I know it's really what I want. Until then, you'll have to live in suspense!


Anne said...

Hi there! =) Exciting times for sure... I remember checking out colleges. It was a fun time in my life. Full of excitement of all the possiablities that could or might come down the road b/c of the path I was thinking about going down. Each college had its own feel and take, which I found very interesting. Enjoy this time for sure and if I can say it -don't get bogged down in the sticking with any one degree or area of focus. One of the things someone once told me has stuck with me to this day... "going to college is the chance to explore the world from a desk. You can look under the sea and far beyond the stars. It is a chance where you can take the classes that interest you... not what a teacher thinks should interest you." While a degree has become a rumber stamp that you need to get many jobs, make sure to at least take a few classes that might just be for fun. =) You might be inspired to go in a completely different direction than you had first thought when you started. luv anna

Rene said...

Thank you so much Anna!!! You've just made me smile from ear to ear. The more I think about it all and the big picture, the more excited I am getting!! :) Thank you for your constant support! Love you!