Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pretty excited!

I never really thought that I would be excited about going to school, but I am. Things are coming along nicely and the more I think of my future, the more excited I get!

Yesterday I went and took the math placement test and scored exactly where I thought I'd score. I hate math but I want to learn. I did pretty well for not doing any algebra for the last 16 years and will be pretty much starting out where I left off at the wise age of 14. My first class is Introduction to Algebra and I'm excited that I have a live in tutor. Paul has already been working with me on basic steps and I'm excited to learn all of the stuff that long ago I thought I'd never need to know.

Today, I went and took my English placement test. I really wasn't sure how I'd score. Of course, having the type A personality that I have, I want to be perfect and do things the best that I can. So, naturally, in my favorite subject I scored the highest I could and can even take the Honors English class if I want to. *Giving myself a pat on the back*

Things are starting to fall into place and I'm excited to start learning again.

As far as other things going on in my life this week, I've dropped 2 more pounds and have started running. Well, jogging I guess. What do you call it when you average a speed of 5.9mph?? Is that running?? I've successfully completed two miles without stopping two nights in a row. On top of my morning workout, adding a run as my evening workout has given me that much more motivation. I love it and it's my addiction!

The summer heat is creeping up on us and I will soon have to turn on the AC. I'm not looking forward to that part of it, because I know that once it's on, it'll be on through the next 3-4 months. We haven't yet hit that 100 degree mark and I am wondering if today will be the day? It's pretty warm out there...


Ian Lisk said...

A teacher? Hmmm. Good luck.. Always love your blogs.

Anne said...

LOL... well, I love math and I've always been a terriable writer. If you ever get sick of P explaining things or just want a different way of explaining something... With J I regularly have problems with him only having one way to "teach" me about something we're fixing, etc. Feel free to call me. I really do love math... sick huh? lol!