Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's only 95 degrees outside, is this August?

The week is half over, or halfway started, which-ever way you look at it, and I've managed to get a lot done surprisingly! With the wee one sick over the weekend, I actually got caught up on a lot of the cleaning and organizing that needed to be done. This left me more time for ME the past couple of days! I have been busy brainstorming, writing and researching for my first blog post on East Valley Moms Blog  (which if you haven't checked it out, you should!) and planning my meals and workouts for the week.


You think that's all I've done? Ok, so I've paid the bills, cleaned the house (including toilets), done the dishes, taken out the trash, played with the dog, gone to the park, read books to tiny human, played legos with tiny human, changed diapers, etc... Writing in my blog or any blog is just extra stuff I get to do when it's nap time and all of my other chores are done. 

I did manage to have a pretty good workout Monday night, partially with the hubby. He was there and even though we were doing different things, it's fun to be there at the same time. I treasure our newly found gym time hobby. Yesterday I managed to kick my own booty with some good leg exercises that left me walking funny. Wait, didn't I post about legs last time too?? Did I mention LEGS ARE MY FAVORITE?

When I did these yesterday, I was averaging a rest time of 30 seconds to a minute in between reps. My weight has varied over the last few weeks, increasing of course, and I'm quite proud when I have to add weight! 

My Weight Amounts for Tuesday, August 6, 2013 
Leg Extension (single leg) ~ 25lbs
Squats ~ 70lbs
Glute Kickbacks ~ Bar only (on the Smith Machine)
Walking Lunges ~ 15lbs in each hand
Leg Press ~ 90lbs
Deadlift ~ 40lb Barbell
Hip Extension ~ 20lbs 

I'm learning. It's all a learning experience for me right now. I'm focusing on form and learning the different exercises and machines. BUT, it's working. Whatever I'm doing is working. I'm still doing a small amount of cardio (at least 20 minutes a day) and eating a clean diet, consisting of the proper amounts of proteins, fats and carbs, and it's working. My shorts are looser, and while I may be bloated at the end of the day from the gallon of water I have drank or the egg whites I've eaten, I'm still getting closer to where I want to be. 

I drink my MonaVie juice every morning and every night, a RVL shake at least once a day and minimize my snacks. I believe that ANYONE who sets their mind to achieving goals can do it. Whether you want to feel better, lose weight, or just quit complaining, it can be done! I am proof of that one. 

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, registered dietitian, or fitness expert. The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences with food, fitness, and life—not to dole out advice. When it comes to your health and fitness, do your research. All blog content is for entertainment purposes only. This blog contains my own views and does not necessarily reflect the view of MonaVie. 

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