Sunday, January 24, 2010

How many candles?

I have always had a long list of "wants". I can remember my dad telling me when I was young that I "want" too much. Looking back over the years I have had a lot of "wants". Some that I have gotten and some that I haven't. They are materialistic items. Things that can be bought with the money that we work for. Why should we only save our money for when we are older? I do agree that saving is good, but sometimes you have to live your life for the moment and spoil yourself. Reward yourself.

My list isn't very long. However, it is a little expensive.  My birthday is coming up and I wanted to blog about the different items that I'd love to have. I don't necessarily believe I will get them, but that's why we call it a wish list.

For a while now I have been wanting some Chuck's. I was at the mall last week and tried them on, just so I could be sure of my size. Of course I'd love to have 3 or 4 pairs of them, but I've settled on designing my own (just 1 pair) and this is what I've come up with...


They are adorable and have all of my favorite colors on them! They even have my name on the side! Love them!

I love taking pictures. I love being in the pictures. I have thousands and thousands of pictures on my external hard drive and hope to continue adding them. Currently I have a Sony Cybershot touchscreen camera that I've been playing with for the past couple of years. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it. If it's sunny outside it takes beautiful pictures. If we are indoors, not so much. It sucks. We have several really crappy photos that I wish looked better.

I've been begging Paul to buy a digital SLR camera for some time. The toss up is between a Canon and a Nikon. I think that Canon is going to win. I have more friends with Canon's and they have all told me that they are very user friendly. Not to mention a little bit cheaper than the Nikon. The Canon I am currently looking at is the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi 12.2MP and it comes with a starter kit and tripod! Score!

She's beautiful and I'm already falling in love with her. Hmmmmm, now I just have to think of a name....

For my 16th birthday my mom and dad bought me a pair of Justin/George Strait Roper boots. They were burgundy and I loved them. Unfortunately I lost them somewhere in the divorce that I like to call "fire". I lost a lot of things in that fire. My piano, boots, clothes, kitchen appliances, furniture, etc. Oh well.....Hopefully I can get them all back someday, and made with new memories.

While shopping in Scottsdale with Audrey in October, we ventured into Saba's Western Wear. They had shelves and shelves of boots. Cheap ones, expensive ones, ugly ones, totally cute ones and of course ones that I fell in love with. I have searched and searched online for the ones that I loved and can't find them. However, I have found a few pairs that I like just as much!

These boots are both the right color, height, the toe is perfect!  

What girl doesn't love Tiffany jewelry? I'm sure they exist but not in this household. My first bit of Tiffany jewelry was given to me by Paul when we were first dating. He had gone to Las Vegas with some friends for one of the Supercross races. I had to stay behind and study for tests that I had at work. When he came home he gave me a beautiful Tiffany necklace that I wear all the time. I love it.  For my 28th birthday I decided to buy myself a birthday present. I went to Tiffany's with Paul and Joey and bought myself a ring. I wear it most days on my right hand middle finger and it reminds me of the times I worked hard in my life. At the time I bought it I was working a lot. Graveyard shift, swing-shift and most of the time 60-70 hrs a week. That's a lot when you consider the work I was doing. I've forever had this necklace on my wish-list. Well, at least for the last 6 years. It's expensive and I don't ever hold my breath for it, but one of these days I'm going to get it. Whether I have to buy it for myself or it's given to me as a gift.

The watch I wear was given to me for Christmas in 1998. If you do the math you can figure out that RC was the one to give that watch to me. It's a nice watch. Bulova. But....everytime I put it on, I think of the fact that HE gave it to me and it makes me want to puke. I've been on the hunt for a watch for a while and have found a few in stores that I like. I know that I want a white one and I want it to be a little bit oversized. I have to have my bling right? I'd love a Nixon watch, but....yah, not going to spend $2,000 on a watch. These are cute though!

Fossil "Stella"Fossil Berkley White Multifunction

I love to cook. Now that I'm not working and have more time to spend in the kitchen. Slowly but surely I've been adding to my kitchen appliance inventory, but still don't have a juicer. I have a lemon tree and beautiful lemons but no juicer to make lemonade!

These are just a few of the big ticket items that I have on my wants list. There are so many other smaller items I can add to my list, such as clothing from FoxOneIndustries, or even my beloved VS. I'm not about to go and find all of the cutsie little outfits and ensembles and post pictures of them. I'm constantly downloading music from iTunes and someday hope to get an iMac.

My iPhone is getting a little mad at me. I've had this same INCIPIO case on her since December 2008. I've been eyeing a new case for a while now at the Apple store but just can't justify buying a new one when my pink one works just fine. However, I'm still in love with it...

I can't believe how long my list has gotten. I hope that in just a few weeks I can cross of at least one or two of the items on my list! With my birthday, Valentine's day and our wedding anniversary coming up I'm sure to get some fun gifts! Even if I get NONE of these items I will still be happy just to get to spend the evening with my son and husband. (as long as they at least buy me a birthday cake, or better yet, cook one!)

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