Monday, January 11, 2010

My lemons are ready.

It's hard to believe it's been almost a full year since I bought my first lemon tree. My brother helped me pick it out when he and my parents came to visit in March of 2009. I've watched as the flowers blossomed and turned into little green buds, which have now developed into beautiful bright yellow lemons! Maybe I do have a green thumb after all?? It smells so beautiful and I hope that as the years go on, it grows and I can pick many lemons from it!

This weekend was fantastic. It's so refreshing to spend time with friends that you don't see that often. Especially when they have a two year old that you can spoil and play with and then....hand back ;) We rode our dirt bikes in the desert two days in a row. I really do enjoy desert riding and must say that it is definitely my favorite terrain for riding. Joey wasn't so sure about it at first and always complained when we rode in the sand but after this weekend, he's loving it too!! It's such a nice feeling to see him so happy and at the end of the day look at Paul and I and say "Thank you so much. Can we come back here again??". It's amazing how well his manners are developing and to see him try new things.

The drive to Yuma, Az really wasn't bad at all! We will be doing that more often. It was really nice to be on the road with Paul again. When we lived in California we were always taking weekend road trips. Mostly to Tahoe, but I really had missed that time in the car with him. Good music, good conversation and Joey laughing in the background to whatever DVD he watching. Sometimes all you need in life is a little vacation. A get away from the day to day life that sometimes drags you down. I think that after this weekend, both Paul and I are feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes next!

The countdown is official. In one month I will be 30 years old. Yikes! I'm really not sure what we are going to be doing for my birthday. I'm hoping that my parents are able to come visit as well as my cousin Audrey. I don't really want a party but I would love to have those closest to me around to celebrate such a milestone. It is a milestone right? Actually, what exactly is a milestone?

I believe a milestone is a certain point in your life, or a journey. It's a breaking point. You know, at the age of 13 you become a "teenager" and then when you turn 18 you are "adult". At the lovely age of 21 you are able to buy alcohol. Everyone refers to "30" as Dirty 30 but other than that, what is it described as? You are already an adult, you can buy alcohol and pretty much do anything your heart desires. Is it a time in your life that you can just look back and reflect and make changes so that the next ten years are even better than the last? Does it mean you are starting to get old?

Wikipedia describes milestone as "one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road or boundary  at intervals of one mile or occasionally parts of a mile".  Does that mean the same thing can apply to life? As we are born, there is a set road that we set out on and at each mile we reach a new stone? I believe that the stone I am about to find next month is going to be a beautiful one and each one after more beautiful than the last.  This road with numbered markers really can be compared to life. Sometimes the road is very long and straight (& boring) and all you see are cow fields. Before you know it you are on a beautiful winding road through the mountains or along the cliffs that drop off to the beach. When the road turns to a gravel road, it can make the journey seem so bumpy and last that much longer causing you to  have to approach it with caution and make sure you stay on the right path.  I am happy to be on the long desert highway with beautiful mountains in the distance. Not too many bumps in the road, a few twists and turns here and there and all the while, leading me to my next milestone.

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april said...

That is so cool that your lemons are ready!!!! I can not wait to see pictures :)

I am so happy that you had a great weekend. You guys needed time with each other!!!!
Love you and miss you!