Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tilt your head just a little to the left, your other left

Photo shoot went great. It was a night full of new experiences, new faces and dogs. I was scheduled to be there from 9:30PM until 1:40AM. I arrived at 9:20 and immediately met with the makeup artist so she could get started on my makeup. Thank goodness for her because I broke out a little bit the day of (go figure) and she is amazing. Made my skin look like porcelain! When she was done, it was time to get dressed. My outfit was hot. Well, not really. I had horribly uncomfortable black "work" shoes, black flat front pants (that didn't fit my frame well at all), a blue long sleeve cotton shirt and a lovely Petsmart smock! Yes, I was stylin and I loved every minute of it! My role for the whole shoot was a "Groomer or Associate" and it was so much fun! Every shot we did was with an animal and the animal I was paired with was a beautiful 9 month old golden retriever name Ziva. (Not sure how to spell it but it's pronounced like diva with a "z").

By the time 1:40AM turned into 5:30AM I was ready to go home. My feet were killing me, my back hurt and my head was spinning after being up for 24 hours. It was so worth it though, and I would do it all over again one million times! It was the funnest experience and I learned so much about the "industry". It was definitely an eye opener and also a pat on the back for being cast for the part.

Now, it's Wednesday morning and I feel as though I'm coming down with a cold. No bueno. Our friends in Yuma had a bit of a cold this weekend while were visiting and I think that the lack of sleep yesterday (a whopping 3 hours) hasn't done much good for my immune system. I drank some airborn and am blowing my nose like crazy, all the while praying to the get well Gods "I'm not going to get sick, not going to get sick".

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stacie said...

So im still a little confused, was this for a tv ad or print ads? Sounds like an interesting experience though! Bummer that it lasted quite a bit longer than you were originally told. How many other people were there doing what you were doing? Hopefully I get to see the end result!