Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Opportunities not missed.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email for a casting alert. Stated that they were looking for several different roles, the one that caught my eye was that of a "Caucasian Female". I've done a little bit of modeling over the past 10 years and would really like to get back into it (with the other thousands of Americans). I submitted a photo and quickly received a reply email asking if I could come to an audition. They said the audition would consist of having my picutre taken. I went to the audition. I didn't want to go, was chickening out at the last minute, telling Paul (my adoring husband) that, "I shouldn't go, it's not like I'm going to get the part". He made me go. Loaded up Joey in the car and drove me into Phoenix for my "audition".

When we got there, there were a few other people there. No, actually more than a few. More like 10. Men and women and I knew there had probably been more all day. I filled out the paperwork they gave me, wrote my name in big black letters across a blank sheet of paper and waited. When I was called in to the audition room by the casting director I really didn't know what to expect. She had me stand on the black dot in front of a green screen and smile (while holding my sheet of paper with my name on it just below my chin like a mug shot). She took a profile shot and a full body shot and that was it. No more, just "Thanks for coming, have a good day!".

I received a call yesterday from another associate at the casting agency and couldn't believe the news he delivered to me. The client likes me.

I still can't really believe it and maybe it's dumb or meaningless to some, but to me it's means a lot. I am "booked" for my photoshoot on Monday and am really excited. I love being behind the camera and my dad has always joked about me being a cheese. Whenever anyone would get out a camera, there I was with my big ol grin jumping in front of the photo. Looking at pictures from when I was a little girl, I've been that way since I could walk and recognize what a camera was. So yes, to me, this means a lot. It's a national print ad and a company that everyone knows.

I consider myself lucky to have the husband that I do. He knows what I want and pushes me to go after it. Without him, I would have never gone to that audition and would have missed this opportunity to get my face out there. I'm so happy that I have him in my life.

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