Friday, August 7, 2009

A little less sleep than usual.

It's never good when you wake up to your child yelling from their bedroom "Mama! Mama!". I was sound asleep at 12:46am when I heard Joey calling out for me. So what did I do? I yelled back... "What!?" and his response was "I can't sleep, I'm scared!". So, I got dressed and got to his room. I asked how long he'd been awake and he said a short time of 10 minutes. Well yeah, it does take a little longer than that to get to sleep sometimes, however, when you have really psyched yourself out about a movie you just watched then it's a different story.

We watched the movie Knowing starring Nicholas Cage last night. It is rated PG-13 and we let Joey watch it with us. He wanted to watch it. He said he and some of his friends had talked about it. So....yeah. Long story short, a part of the movie, or the story behind it (I guess) freaked him out a little bit. That's ok. I get scared too. Still. To this day. I walked down the dark hallway to my bedroom looking over my shoulder last night too!!!! He went back to sleep.....and then I dreamt. (is that how you spell that? It looks weird.)

Today is Friday. Yet again. TGIF!! I've been waiting for this weekend to come all week long! Not sure what we are going to do. The boys want to go to the "show" and see GI Joe (since he's a real American hero and all) and I am not sure if I want to join them? Or go see a chicky flick instead. Hmmmm....Channing Tatum is rather handsome to look at....

Paul has to work again this weekend. What a surprise. It's ok, I'm getting used to it. I have my handy dandy friend named the internet to keep me company when Joey doesn't want to hang out with mom. I'm addicted. It's true and I'm ok with that :)

I'm late for my morning workout. Crap.
Until next time.....


Stacie said...

Even though I'm not a huge fan of chick flicks, I'll go see one with you sometime if you ever want somebody to go with! Just txt or IM me :)

April L said...

what is up with neither one of us getting much sleep last night? Oh well, we will survive right?
I am be friending my internet more and more these days too... The kids don't want to hang out with me :(
Love ya bunches... I posted a comment to your comment... you will get a kick out of it :)