Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Randomness.

"Randomness" - is that even a word? Probably in the same dictionary as "Stampage".

  1. My day absolutely has to start with a cup of coffee. No excuses. If it does not? Watch out.
  2. I love Hot Tamales. They are my addiction. Maybe like a smoker needs a cig? I need HT.
  3. I am a clean freak. When I am mad, I clean even more.
  4. Was told I have a "Type A personality". Don't really understand what that entails anymore other than I am a ... perfectionist. I want everything perfect. EVERYTHING.
  5. I make up words. Have been writing them down, going to write a book titled "Neneisms."
  6. Will I always want things I can not have? Or will I continue to work towards getting those things I "can not have"??
  7. I have a crush on Patrick Dempsey. He's so um, dreamy.
  8. My favorite number is 19.
  9. I prefer men to women friends. They are less drama and more straight forward. Unfortunately Paul doesn't like that so much.
  10. I hope to own a horse, some day. I love horses. Always have.
to be cont'd....(at a later date).


April L said...

Randomness is a concept with somewhat disparate meanings in several fields. It also has a common meaning which has a loose connection with some of those more definite meanings

I looked it up LOL

Rene said...

Thanks Lover! :)