Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whoa, a whole week?

I can't believe I went through a whole week without writing. (typing). Ok, maybe I can believe it. I have had a ton to say but nothing that I wanted to write about. Here anyways.

Yesterday I worked in Joey's 5th grade classroom. It was great. I had so much fun working one on one with the children and learning about them, helping them, and even disciplining a few of them. I can definitely say it was rewarding. A couple of the girls really took to my side and wanted to be my little "helpers". It was cute. It made me remember back when I was that age and a mom would come in to our classroom....I always wanted to be a part of something. A part of their "team" I guess. It's fun to know that kids look up to you and want to "be like you". (referring to my tattoo on my foot). I enjoyed seeing Joey in his classroom environment and am very happy to report he's such a good kid. Even when I'm not looking. I am truly proud of myself for raising such a beautiful boy and am going to continue to brag about him until the day I die! (of course, since he's my baby!!!).

I'm thinking about getting braces again. I had them for a few years back around 2001 or so. I hated them, but love what they did for my mouth and for my confidence. Over the past 7 years or so, my teeth have shifted on the top. No one noticed but me, and of course since I am such a freaking perfectionist, it bothers me to no end. I went to the orthodontist on Monday for an "initial evaluation" and to see what my options were to get my teeth back in place. I basicly have 2 options. I can get wire braces, again, for only about 6 months. Eh. It's only 6 months right? But man are they hideous....I don't want braces again :-/ My second option, which is about $1k more than the wire, is Invisilign. Possible..and much more doable in my day to day life. That, I would only have for about 5 months. At first I was thinking to myself, just deal with the way your teeth are, they are straight and straighter than most people out there! Just get over your darn self! But, I really have always wanted straight teeth. ALWAYS. And I had them, but now they are moving. The Ortho did say that he could put a permanent retainer on the top (as I already have one on the bottom and those teeth haven't moved at all). I really like that idea. So.....gotta really weigh out the whole situation and make a decision again.

I've been working out a lot this week and it sure helps my mood. It helps me get through the day to day battles I have with myself. There are things I just can't quite understand about myself and honestly, working out helps my brain think clearer. It's so addicting and I wish everyone could feel the same feeling I get from a good workout. It's almost like it's cleansing my body and ridding of any bad feelings I've had for the day. I miss my friends. Just a few to an extreme amount and I hope that I get to see them again soon...

I'm done. For today. Going to try to be better about this, really I am.

Olive juice.

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Laura said...

I just wanted to comment that you have a beautiful smile!! it sounds like you have some good options if you decide you want to do something though. its true that when we know there is something we want to change, it bothers until we do something about it (usually) even though no one else notices!
and that what you said about working out i'll have to try more. I think of it more as something i HAVE to do rather than something that will overall help me when im stressed out and all that.
have a great week!