Thursday, August 6, 2009

Man in the moon??

Not sure if you can tell or not.....but I think there is a man on the moon kissing a babies forehead. I had to look at this picture over and over and over and wondered "Is this what everyone always said was the Man on the Moon?" I zoomed in, closer and closer and it actually freaked me out! Kind of like one of those posters you buy and frame to hang on your wall. If you stare at it for a while you can see something the ordinary eye wouldn't see. This is the case. There is no editing... just a photo of the moon taken in my backyard last night around 10pm. Do you see it? The profile of the mans face is facing around 10/11 o'clock and the baby is just below. Imagine a father leaning in and kissing his son or daughter on the forehead.....

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