Sunday, August 16, 2009

What day is it?

....the reason I ask is because Paul is at work. Again. He worked yesterday too. Missed Joey's 10th birthday party. Thank goodness I have such great friends, that helped me out. Without them, I would have been a mess. (Thank you to Stacie, Lisa, Sara & Al!!). I'm having a hard time today. I shouldn't be. I keep trying to tell myself, it's not that bad. My best friend April has to overcome a whole year without her husband. I need to shut up and stop complaining about Paul working so much.... learn to be thankful he isn't serving a 12 month tour in Kuwait.

This week was a busy wacky cooky one. Joey's birthday, the cats getting sick (which I'll visit in a moment), the Toby Keith/Trace Adkins concert and Joey's birthday party, which turned out to be a success afterall.

The cats are going to be ok. Turns out Dot has allergies and what happened to her nose was a severe reaction to a mosquito bite. Interesting....apparently the bump she's had her whole life is just a "deformity" and she'll always have it....So, I now have to give her an allergy pill (otc) and put fish oil on her food. Lily has a bladder problem. Had a very severe bladder infection and now has to be on a special diet for cats with bladder problems. Sigh...enough about that.

Trace Adkins and Toby Keith were awesome. As usual. I love both of them, not to mention they are HOT to look at :) They sing great songs and def put a great show for the crowd. Joey seemed to have fun. He was very tired, but still managed to stay awake until the end!

I feel as though I'm a single mom again. Paul is working so much and is hardly home. When he is home he's so tired. Yesterday hit me hard not having his help for the party. Sigh, not going to go on, might say something I dont want put out in public. Sigh.

Today Joey and I are just hanging out, relaxing. He has worked on homework, watched some cartoons, and now he is building legos. We wanted to go to the movies, but of course, Paul wants us to wait so he can go with us, so maybe next weekend. I'm grouchy. I'm going to stop writing because nothing is coming out right and just, yah.

Olive Juice.

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April L said...

I love you!!!
And don't feel bad for not liking Paul's hours... I know they suck... I would vent about it too..
I am glad the kitties are okay... sucks about the food though, is it something they can both eat? or do you now have to feed them differently?
I love when you can count on people to help you get through a birthday party....I did that this year too....