Thursday, August 6, 2009

TeCh StUfF

Messing with my computer, some more. Trying to get it back into quick fast running shape. It has been lagging and so I'm kicking it's butt and making it go to the gym! Trying to figure out which browser I like best. I had used Internet Explorer for so many years, I think since 1999? And earlier this year, I downloaded "Google Chrome". I've liked it, for the most part. There are things I like and don't like. Now I'm checking out Safari. So far I like the appearance of it best out of all of them, but it seems to be rather slow. Hmmm. Have also been having problems with our internet lately, called yesterday and got tech support, FROM AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM! Geez, is our economy that bad that we can't even employ techies anymore??? was fixed. Temporarily. This morning, I was having the same issues so I called again. This time I got a grouchy young man by the name of Drew. I think he needed more coffee or something. He was not the nicest of the bunch. He basically said my internet connection is fine and working how it should be and that the fact that I have my internet plugged into a "router" is the problem, -OR- it is my computer. Ya think? So....we'll see. I dunno. It's been working fine for the past 8 or 9 months. It's just been the past couple weeks....which is why I'm remodeling my computer and getting it back to the gym to get in shape!

It's cloudy today. Muggy and hot. I hope we get a storm or two. My house is clean and my chores are done so now it's ME time. I love my life....

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